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The Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology (AJMB) is the official journal of Avicenna Research Institute (ARI) affiliated to Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR). The AJMB journal is a Quarterly peer-reviewed, which accepts original papers related to all aspects of medical biotechnology including new concepts in technology/ methodology of relevance to the biological, biomedical sciences, ethical, legal, and social aspects of biotechnology for publications. Reviews, short communications, and letters to the editor are also welcomed. Prior consultation with the editor is recommended before preparing or submitting review articles.

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 The core areas in which we are actively seeking research papers include:
  1. Molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins
  2. Molecular therapy (therapeutic genes, antisense, siRNAs, aptamers, and DNAzymes, ribozymes, peptides, proteins)
  3. Applied immunology (antibody engineering, xenotransplantation, T-cell therapies)
  4. Nanobiotechnology (nanoparticles, nanostructure, applications in medical biotechnology,diagnosis and disease therapy)
  5. Large-scale biology (genomics, functional genomics, proteomics, structural genomics, metabolomics, etc.)
  6. Computational biology (bioinformatics, algorithms and molecular modeling)
  7. Regenerative medicine (stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterials)
  8. Analytical biotechnology (sensors/detectors for analytes/macromolecules)
  9. Biopharmaceuticals (biotechnologically produced proteins, nucleic acids, antibodies and attenuated viruses and bacteria)
  10. Law patents and Medical Ethics

Latest Issue:

    October-December 2017, Volume 9, Issue 4

AJMB Current Issue
July-September 2017
Volume 9, Issue 3


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